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Woman Time Travels to Historical Events Using Photoshop



How would you like to travel back to the most remarkable events in history? Actually, a woman already did – not by time machine but through Photoshop. Flóra Borsi, a Hungarian photographer and digital artist, basically Photoshopped herself and her camera phone to some of America’s historical photos. Clever, isn’t?

Here’s what Flora writes about this project:

How would time travel affect life as we know it? Capture the most important events in history, upload to instagram, twitter, facebook? If time travel did indeed become a reality, how would it affect our world as we currently experience it? I imagined how I would to do!


Photoshopped Time Travel Photos by Flora Borsi

flora borsi time travel 1

A photo with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley while performing.


flora borsi time travel 2

With the director Woody Allen while directing a movie.


A photo with the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley while performing.

A photo at a party with the pop artist Andy Warhol.



This one’s with the comedian, Harold Lloyd. The scene was from the silent movie entitled “Safety Last”.

Flora Borsi

Here’s another one. Borsi sneaking a photo of Marilyn Monroe while in the bathroom.



A photo with the Beatles arriving the United States.



Another photo as if she’s documenting the civil rights movement.


Check out more from Flora Borsi in her Facebook Page.


Feel free to post your thoughts on these images! : )

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