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Triskaideka- Artists Should Be Celebrated While They Are Alive


“Artists should be celebrated while they are alive.” –  Here’s one of thephilosophies I personally stand firm on upon starting up this website. It is to give credit to the people in the creative circle for they are meant to be appreciated. However, it was also the statement that convicted of failing from theaforementioned task.


The Philippine street art/ street culture scene lost one of its children; Jonathan Bravo otherwise known as “Triskaideka Masuerte”, bid his farewell earlier this month. Jonathan was a designer, illustrator and street artist from the province of Cavite here in the Philippines. He was alsothe cofounder and creative head of the street clothing line TigaSouth (Eng. Translation: from the south).


How I Met Triskaideka and Failed the Task

I met Nathan once in his store in Alabang, Muntinlupa. Well, it was an unintended visit tothe place; I wasn’t even familiar with the brand at first. But for some reasons I was urged to enter the store maybe due to its familiar urban ambience that entices from inside and out.

And so as I was checking out their shirts among other brands they were selling, Nathan politely offers some of the promos and great deals they had during that time. However, other than that all you can hear is the music they were playing; it was as if there was this customer-seller barrier. We had no connection other than that.

Finally, I’m able to select some designs and decided to try them out. I asked for the fitting room, and to my delight I saw some sticker artworks posted on the room’s door. After fitting I asked him and tried to confirm the artist of one particular sticker I’m quite familiar with. And I was right. It turns out we have common acquaintances which I find pretty awesome.

And as I was going to pay for the shirt while still having our petty conversation, I noticed another artwork placed on the counter, and again I was right, the framed art is from Rai Cruz (this instance is the one I mentioned on the Rai Cruz feature).

All of a sudden we were on the same frequency, we had a bond, I felt it he was as enthusiastic as I was. His enthusiasm was even more intensified when I told him that I am an art blogger and that I feature creative people on my blog. I asked for his name, we shook hands and for his contact details and portfolio; he seems very excited and agile getting a pen and piece of paper to write all the information on it. I left the store quite thrilled. That day I went home from Alabang to Lipa, Batangas with a new shirt and inspiration.

For some unknown reasons and as time passed, I forgot about the instance until now. I even lost the paper he gave me. Maybe it’s just natural for people to have this tendency to appreciate good things when it’s too late; on this scenario, when someone dies. Well it’s the sad reality.

Triskaideka might not be able to read this article but it isn’t too late for people to see his works and appreciate his talent, his life and his effort to advance the “TigaSouth” movement along with the street culture.

Fellows, here are some of Jonathan Bravos’ solo and collab works. Show some love…

street artstreet art


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