Toy Project: Gundam X Pacific Rim


It’s been nearly a month since I saw the astonishing movie Pacific Rim, but I guess it’s never too late to express how dazed and amused I was. The film was one of those that would make you ask yourself, “What if it’s real?”. It captured my frisky imagination into thinking that ‘Jaegers’ (mechs/big robots) and ‘Kaijus’ (dinosaur like monsters) could exist in the future, well not much about the latter.

Pacific Rim garnered negative comments not only from film critics but also from the blogosphere. Most are in connection with the movie’s comparable theme and plot with Japanese animes, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gundam. Detractors were saying that the movie was a rip-off from those franchises even from another American movie, Real Steel.


The film made me think of Gundam on a live action film but it’s not fair to deprive the movie of appreciation because it brought an outstanding and fresh flavor on the silver screen.

So to give a small tribute to the movie and give a glimpse on how a Gundam movie would look like, I’ll be featuring both for this article’s toy project.


The Project

In this toy project, I recreated Pacific Rim’s movie poster and a scene from the movie using my MG Gundam Titus.

[nggallery id=19]

Just a side story on my toy Gundam: Mid of last year, I’ve been wanting to have this model. But since I thought it would be too expensive to buy here in the Philippines, I wasn’t able to get it until December 2012 when a friend, Henry de Galicia, went to Japan and got it for half its selling price here. It was definitely a steal.


Without further ado, here are the products of my Gundam x Pacific Rim mashup.

Movie Poster

behance_footer gundam_poster1_small









Finished Product




Would you also like to see a Gundam on live action film? What’s your say about the Pacific Rim movie? Post your comments below and share us your thoughts.


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  • Philip

    I happened upon your site and found this article, I haven’t seen the movie but I can defiantly see a connection between Gundam and Pacific Rim. In fact I think the art design of a Gundam live action Pacific Rim type movie would look 1000x better than what we got as Pacific Rim. I am an American artist who believe’s that much of Hollywood’s “Art” is lacking of beautiful imaginative aesthetic appeal while Gundam seems to contain more of what I am referring to.

    • Mark Vincent del Rosario

      Hey Philip! I totally agree with you. However, we can’t deny the fact that Pacific Rim paved the way for mech related movies. And it made us realize that with today’s technology, it’s now possible to make a Gundam/Evangelion/Macross film. Hopefully, someone will do one soon…Cheers!