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Real Life Mech Warriors Called Kuratas Are Now Available



Finally, mech fans, our dreams have come to pass. But to tell you honestly, what we asked for is kinda’ disturbing.

Through the years, Japanese have never lost their passion to automaton. In fact, their obsession to robots, have led to a new and amazing development in robotics- the realization of Mech Warriors.

The Mech Battle Robots are now readily available in the market, costing around 1.3 Million US Dollars. Designed by the Japanese artist Kogoro Kurata and robotics expert Wataru Yoshizaki, the first ever mobile suit called ‘Kuratas’ have come to reality.


Here’s a video by NTDTV, interviewing the designers while the Kuratas prototype was being showcased in Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

The Release

The Battle Mech was launched at the Wonder Festival in Tokyo.

Instructional Vid

Here’s safety and instructional guide on using the robot. Well, it’s better to be safe while behind the hatch. 

By the way, you can customize your robot. You can choose from variety of weapons, colors and addons. Kinda’ like preparing your mech on a video game huh?

I just customized my own for a whopping price.


Check out their cool build to order system here.

My Thoughts

I am really thrilled by the fact that we are nearing the actualization of Gundam, Evangelion and etc. However, as I have said earlier, this fact is disturbing as well. Picture if this get into the wrong hands. I might be getting ahead of myself, but seriously…oh well, before I drag you to my geeky conclusions, let’s just be inspired by this astounding development. 


What are your thoughts on these Battle Mechs? Do you mind sharing?

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