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Startling Editorial Illustrations by Simon Prades


Amidst the existence of advanced and tidier ways to do art, some artists still choose to incorporate traditional ways or tools on their craft. The freelance illustrator, Simón Prades, for instance, prefers ink, pencil and paper as his medium, and then uses computer for the finishing touches in creating awesome art.

Here’s a look of some of his works.

Art by Simon Prades

prades_01prades_02 prades_03 prades_04  prades_05 prades_06 prades_08prades_07prades_09

From what I observe, his works are mostly editorial illustrations on current events, politics and the likes maybe because most of them are commissioned by newspapers and magazines. What I admire about his style is that he is able to preserve the rawness of his works. You know when you have a drawing and you don’t want to put some color in it because you’re happy of how it looks already. His works has that feel on them.

Overall, dense line works, sketchy strokes and rough textures in his art had me.

More About the Artist

Simon Prades is from Saarbrücken, Germany freelancing as an illustrator for newspapers and magazines. He was able to work for The New York Times, VICE Magazine, JOYCE, Flyemirates Magazine, Nike, Ubisoft and many more.

You may follow him at these sites:




What do you think of Simon Prades’ art? Post a comment below and share us your thoughts.


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