Sky Is Everywhere: On Its 3rd Year In Lipa

sky_coverSitting on the back seat, seeing the films, the happenings and whatnots made me perceptive while on Sky Is Everywhere 3. The event’s mishmash of creatives and cheerful viewers set an unusual environment that recharged my creative batteries.

Unlike Cannes or Sundance (which I only see on news 🙂 ), there was neither red carpet nor big movie stars walking down the aisle. Sketchy at this stage, it was fresh and raw. Nevertheless, the passion was all but the same.

Read on and let me share to you my experience in “Sky”.

What is The Sky Is Everywhere?


Sky Is Everywhere 3 poster by Christian Tano Panaligan

Sky Is Everywhere 3 poster by Christian Tano Panaligan

It is an annual event that showcases short films about anything under the sky. Consisting of local filmmakers from Lipa City here in the Philippines, it is now on its third year with the theme “Memory is Fleeting”.


So, what can I say about it?

It was my first time to attend the event. For the last two years, it was only until now that fate allowed me to be on the occasion. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect given that I was a newbie. Hence, to prepare myself, I tried to be as artistically receptive as I could be. To my surprise, it wasn’t just for the art and film enthusiast. It had this feel that even regular people could enjoy and appreciate.

I wasn’t feeling good that night; but due to my eagerness and wanting to get as much as I could from it, I tried to stay as long as the end of 2nd set. From that timeframe, let me give you these points that I observed, heard and thought of Sky Is Everywhere and its movies.


A Fellowship

Paraphrasing a statement from the founder, Ralph Quijano: they would like to call it a get-together rather than a film festival. Evident enough, the affair was more of a fun-filled gathering than a glamorous festivity.

Ralph Quijano giving his opening remarks

Ralph Quijano giving his opening remarks

I tried to focus on watching the films but I couldn’t help but notice some people’s exchange of greetings. A handshake, an embrace; everyone in front seemed to know everybody. I wasn’t even exaggerating when I wrote that. Yet, it didn’t come to a point where it got distracting, well at least for me. Out of curiosity, to me, it was more of a side show that I enjoyed watching.

I myself got a piece of this “gathering”. I wasn’t part of the show but I was able to get reconnected with some old friends and acquaintances that night.


Full of Passion

This may sound very cheesy and sensational, but passion is one of the words that would greatly fit the event and its movies.

Imagine this, 20+ indie movies were shown- some makers submitted more than 1 entry, some helped out on somebody else’s entry and some even an actor on another film. If not for the love of films, your colleagues, and art; why would somebody exert such effort? If it isn’t passion, then, I don’t know how you would call that.

I really had no idea how hard the organizers went through just to pull off such kind of event, but I can say that I was really impressed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s perfect. There were some justifiable flaws that occurred that night. There were some movies that I didn’t quite relate with, to say the least.


The dedication exerted on the affair and the movies were just contagious you just wanted to commit yourself on participating. The crowd responded pretty nicely despite some faults. I believe that is one of the biggest proofs of my point.


An Inspiration

That night, I got motivated to do better on my own craft. Personally, it made me realize how far my catching up is in terms of showcasing my art and serving as an encouragement to others.

There were films that I was easily able to get connected, with some I had to stretch my artistic senses more. Yet, they all seemed to be fantastic candidates for inspiration.


Too bad I wasn’t able to watch all of the films, but I know somehow I could find a way to see those.

This early, I am looking forward for next year’s installment. Still, I’m not exaggerating when I said that. 🙂

Congratulations to all who participated! Kudos to everyone!

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