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Rai Cruz and the Blooming Street Art in Philippines



If you have been reading stuffs from this website, you probably have an idea how much we value creatives and their inspiring works.  On that note, we are featuring an artist who makes awesome works and inspires as well as hones the next generation of artists. He is a visual artist and an art instructor, Rai Cruz.

Like most of the artists featured on this site, I follow Rai on social media.  What’s fun about following him on Facebook is that he does not only show his works, but of his students’ and other people too. Another thing I noticed is that some of his works are relevant to current social events which bring a feel similar to an editorial illustration without losing the “street-cool (if there is such a term : ) )” aspect of it.


rai cruz


His works are really identifiable. Well in fact, I’ve been to a street wear store where they display illustrations from various artists. In a jiffy I saw something familiar and asked thestore owner “Is that from Rai Cruz?”, and I was not wrong. True story.

So here it is, feast your eyes on his art and familiarize yourselves too …


Works of Rai Cruz

His works are composed of pen and ink drawings, watercolor and acrylic paintings and street murals.

rai-cruz-golem rai-cruz-art rai-cruz-art1 rai-cruz-Buksan-ang-Puso-ng-Siyudad-960x555


rai-cruz-street-art-1 (4)

rai-cruz-street-art-1 (1)

rai-cruz-street-art-1 (2)


rai-cruz-street-art-1 (3)

rai-cruz-street-art-1 (5)

rai-cruz-street-art-1 (6)

rai-cruz-street-art-1 (7)

rai-cruz-street-art-1 (8)

rai-cruz-street-art-1 (9)

rai-cruz-street-art-1 (11)



The influence of graffiti to his illustrations is pretty noticeable, thus making street walls great canvass for his works.  For that, I’m personally glad to know that finally, Filipino artists are getting into the flourishing street art scene in our country. A couple of years back, most of the things you would see on the walls in the streets of Manila or at least in Lipa (the city I grew up to)are unpleasant vandalisms – mostly are just plain letterings and wordings from people who are either hopeless romantics or phony gang members.

Here’s a picture for you to get a better idea…

Vandalism. Credits to the owner.

Vandalism. Credits to the owner.

I’m not sure if it the picture was actually from the Philippines but I hope you’re getting my point.

Now, if all you can see on the streets are something like that? Wouldn’t you be thankful for artist like Mr. Cruz?

More about Rai Cruz

Rai is a Filipino visual artist from Las Piñas City Philippines. He is a graduate of the oldest university in the country if not the whole of Asia, the University of Santo Tomas. It is where he took a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts major in Painting, and is now finishing his graduate school.

Know more about him here:


I love how Rai sticks to his style. In almost all of his works that I have seen, he never fails to incorporate the eye element on them. I’m not an expert but for me the “eyes” give an additional esthetic value to his works making them more recognizable.

On a serious note, good art is not a license to just start painting on walls whenever and wherever you please. It’s always better to be regardful on what you do in public. Well, unless you are as good as Rai Cruz or Bansky J . You might even get paid to do one on private properties.


Do you mind sharing your thoughts about our featured artist and his works? Feel free to post your comments below.

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