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Project Loon: Internet for Everyone


Amazing, promising and ambitious; these are the words I would like to describe Google’s new project. With the use of balloons roaming around 20 kilometers above the Earth’s stratosphere, Project Loon is said to provide internet access to everyone on this planet. Watch the video and get a glimpse of this remarkable scheme.

Project Loon


My Thoughts

No doubt, this is a big break to technology and might open various doors to new developments and possibilities, but the concept itself somehow frightens me. Imagine everyone’s internet activity singlehandedly monitored and supervised by a lone company. Because of that, many are questioning Google’s purpose for doing this. Is it really for the advancement of humanity, a greater profit or for something else bigger? Only Google knows. Whatever their purpose maybe, there is no doubt to the various benefits it could give. Well anyway, there are always pros and cons on something.


The Technology

On the project’s official page ( they explained the technology behind as well as bunch of other stuffs about it. Here are some info I got:

The balloons are said to be made from sheets of polyethylene plastic; so no, those aren’t the balloons we’re thinking. Comparable to those that is used for weather info gathering, these objects can withstand high pressure. It has a size of fifteen meters wide and twelve meters tall when fully inflated.

Each balloon transmits radio frequency and provides a 3G like connection to a radius of 40km. For us to be able to connect to it, we’re going to need ISM Band receivers or antennas which according to them is widely used around the globe. (I’m sorry, never heard of it. I’m not an engineer :))


Overall this is a very promising project. Though we can’t discount entities that will be taking advantage of it, let’s take a look on the brighter side of the picture instead.


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