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Photography by Rodin Rodriguez


If a person is truly passionate about something, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one day you would see him or her making the best out of his or her passion. Big statement as it maybe, but it’s the truth  I see from the photographer I’m  featuring on this article. Read on and get to know more about Rodin Rodriguez.

We went to the same college. On regular days, I would often see him with a DSLR camera: taking random pictures, shooting during some school activities or just walking and holding his camera as if he was ready to take a snapshot anytime. By the way, during those times DSLRs weren’t all that pop and used as a fashion statement here in the Philippines, and no, that wasn’t too long time ago :). I had no idea if he was actually a part of the school press or the photography club but one sure thing was he loved what he was doing. He was a regular college guy with extraordinary passion.

One time, we were in an  out of town school trip for a subject we were both taking. I had the chance to talk with him and there I learned that the camera wasn’t actually his. He was just borrowing it from time to time from his uncle (if my memory serves me right). As I was learning from him about ‘depth of field’, ‘aperture’ and other photography stuffs, I became more convinced that he would be a great photographer in no time.

Photography of Rodin Rodriguez

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More About Rodin

I was privileged to a have a chat with Rodin through Facebook and got some info about him and his photography. Read  to know more.

rodin_rodriguezRodin Gabriel Gutierrez Rodriguez who is also into singing, playing the guitar, acting and flair tending is a native of San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines. His interest in photography started when he got amused to a digicam’s MACRO mode. That was when he was in his third year  as a Hotel and Restaurant Management college student.

According to him, what inspires his great photography is whenever people from social media get to appreciate his work. Hence, the respect he is getting from other photographers who they themselves have done great works on their craft. Rodin is also inspired by sceneries where he is able to conceptualize stories from.

His style of photography is more like photo essays. He loves to convey stories on his compositions. Then after composing a shot conforming or not to the rule of thirds, he applies a vintage feel on post processing. The color styles he uses are patterned after the scheme of the production house he is a part of,the Cieca Project. Presto, there you have the Rodin Rodriguez style of photography.

If you want to book Rodin for your events, you may contact him at

Keep your passions burning everyone!

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