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Whether she does it for excitement or to feed her senses, every woman is entitled to unmask her style. It can be distinct and complex, just like her. Perhaps, that’s a clear-cut case of “like attracts like.”

Style is a language. Torn jeans or nude pumps or peplums say something. Every piece spills certain hints of what lies beneath. It’s not worn to impress. And it should not really be that way. How about some instances when a woman just wants to tell the world of her strength or vulnerability? Through smokey eyes or an all pink OOTD, maybe? Style is supposed to mirror the beauty that’s already living in her- “beauty that is worth pursuing, worth fighting for.. beauty that can be seen; beauty that can be felt; beauty that affects others; a beauty all our own to unveil.”

So, don’t judge a woman for the hours of planning and scrutinizing an ensemble. Don’t judge especially if it’s with the right motives and limits. Just imagine an artist’s conception of a masterpiece. It’s no-nonsense!

Philippines’ top fashion blogger, Laureen Uy, is one legit personality who lives and breathes style. As of this writing, she’s sporting a dyed hairstyle in green! Through Break My Style (, Laureen showcases her modish manners of clothing – sometimes dressy, sometimes daring.

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How would you describe your personal style? I can say it’s edgy chic. I usually experiment a lot!

What are some fashion rules that you usually break? I always mix silver with gold accessories.

What are your fave picks this season? I’m super in love with graphic prints, as of themoment.

Who are your style influences? I follow after the style choices of the Olsen sisters and Alexa Chung.

What are your go-to stores/brands this season? I frequent Guess, H&M and Topshop. If we’re talking about high-end pieces, I love and Lane Crawford.

How do you pull off seasonless pieces like basic tees, LBD (little black dress) and jeans?I always mix them with trendy pieces to make them more lively.

What do you think are some style staples that every woman should own? LBD, white tee, jeans, black stilettos and flats should all be part of a woman’s closet.

If you’ve already found your style, stick to it. Be the best that you can be and make sure to exude a positive vibe in this (at times) despondent world.

Cheers to every woman in style!

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