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Noordung One Electric Bike [Industrial Design]

Minimalism has been a trend for quite some time in architecture, technology, fashion and even in lifestyle. Over time, it has evolved to many different takes from various industries and studies. Resulting to some of the most wonderful designs and technology we have today. One good instance is the Noordung Electric Bike.

Noordung One bike originated from Slovania, created by a startup company Noordung Ltd. It has been premiered last June 21 2017 on Aston Martin St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Noordung Ltd. has been developing electric bikes for a little over a year as of press time. Founded by Gregor Fras, the company is envisioned to continue developing innovative products aimed to be the best urban bicycle in the world.

Noordung One Feattures

The electric bike sports a sleek and smooth industrial design inspired from the café race culture. The idea, as per the originators, was to create a modern day cult cruiser bike. Aside from being a cool bicycle, Noordung One is also a music boombox enabling riders to listen music from their smart phones. This also allows them to charge electronic devices.

The bike is equipped with a 2-speaker boombox which allows wireless connectivity via Bluetooth technology.

Noordung One runs with a lightweight Vivax® 4.75 motor which allows up to 60 minutes of assisted ride.

Made mostly by carbon fiber with a lightweight motor, Noordung One is set to be ultra-light without sacrificing robustness.

Technical Specification

Light weight Bike: 15,4 kg
Light weight Boombox: 2,7 kg
Frame & Boombox material: Carbon fiber
Range: 60 min assist
Wheels: 26” with Cruzo® 2.35 tires
Crankset: Shimano® Metrea
Brake: Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
Saddle & Grips: Brooks® B17
Front & rear LED light
Magnetic stem phone holder

Drive unit: Vivax Assist® 4.75 (200W)
Battery power: 30 V, 400 Wh
Battery Cells: 32 x 18650 Li-Ion
Battery Management & Balancing system
Speakers: 20 W RMS
Class D Amplifier
Connectivity: Bluetooth® 3.0 and Bluetooth® LE
USB: 2 USB fast charge
PM2.5 & PM10 Dust Sensor
Arm 32-bit Processor

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