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Most Hilarious and Spectacular Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials


Super Bowl isn’t as big as the NBA Finals here in the Philippines. But every year, Super Bowl related trailers and commercials surely get everyone’s interest including those who weren’t really familiar with the said event.

Some would say that these advertisements were made to be as entertaining and funny as possible for the television viewers to get distracted from the game’s disappointing lack of competition. And so to kill the fans’ boredom, ads were sprinkled with an extreme sense of comedy. Thanks to the multi-million dollar companies who invested on expensive Super Bowl ads.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious Super Bowl XLVIII commercials.

Hilarious and Spectacular Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials


Anna Kendrick’s “non-super bowl” Super Bowl commercial for Newcastle Brown Ale

The video was titled “Behind the Scenes of the Mega Huge Football Game Ad Newcastle Brown Ale Almost Made” for a reason.

This clever advertisement where Hollywood actress Anna Kendrick goes on a profanity-laced rant against Super Bowl and the company she’s promoting went viral on Youtube with more than 3.2 million views on its first week.

The Doberhuahua Super Bowl commercial for Audi

In this ad, Audi shows the negative effects of compromises.

A Doberman pinscher and a Chihuahua were combined and thus came the Doberhuahua. Little did they know that this new breed would be a combination of the ugly traits of both Doberman and Chihuahua.

It is as if Audi was saying, “That’s what you get with compromise most of the time. Instead of gaining a positive outcome the negative arises. It’s the reason we don’t compromise”. I just made that up. 🙂


Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile


Tim Tebow not having a NFL contract has been a hot topic in the sports industry for quite some time affecting both his fans and detractors.

T-mobile, which is known for its “no annual service deals”, used the issue to create a hilarious commercial wherein Tebow babbles about the advantages of having no contract.

The ad also shows how one can achieve his /her desires with being free and passionate.


Terry Crews Super Bowl Ad for Toyota

Toyota’s tagline, “Let Go Places”, was finely depicted in this ad.

Terry Crews, the man behind Old Spice advertisements went on a ride with the Muppets. He was not okay with the puppets jumbling on his Toyota Highlander while going to different places. But the Muppets are just too cute and adorable; he can’t stay angry for long. So the ones mad man turned all mushy and sings along.


What do you think about this collection Super Bowl Ads? Post your thoughts below!

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