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More About Style – Kelly Misa Interview

Our previous post on style gives a glimpse of women and their love affair with putting together essential pieces to create a certain look. It’s the common picture of hours in the malls or boutiques to hunt for the perfect get-up. Add to that more hours of outfit stalking and countless fitting in front of a mirror!

In a nutshell, style is a reflection of personality and influenced by society. So, there are reasons behind fashion wins.. and flops! Imagine mid calf boots during summer and other messy combinations, which are absolutely dizzying to look at. See the picture? There are names probably popping out of your head now. But then again, there’s always a reason why.Here’s another thing: Style is not bought. It’s not about wearing Gucci, Chanel or Prada. Don something from surplus shops orukay-ukay (thrift stores) and still, style can be achieved. Remember that money or  any luxury brand can’t make up for both your innate and learned preferences in presenting yourself.

Learn more from Kelly Misa! This model is also a blogger and beauty columnist. Kelly has been very unselfish in dishing out practical points on how to be a woman of style. She’s got the license to do so because of more than a decade of modeling experience under her belt.

Skim through and know what this lady says about style.

Kelly Misa Interview


What’s the most amazing style advice you’ve ever received?

You know what, I cannot recall any style advice that stuck. Not right now, anyway. But, I do remember how my grandmother used to dress- always elegant, clean, polished and fresh. She didn’t rely on trends, but always looked dressed for the occasion. I learned from example, I guess, because I grew up with her (my parents were both at work). Until this day, I try to emulate her style by choosing clothes, shoes and accessories that fit, and fit well. I do it by choosing quality over quantity any day, looking elegant and being appropriate at all times. Sloppiness is not an option. 


Who/what are your style inspirations?

Aside from my grandmother, I admire the style of Gwyneth Paltrow. She always looks so polished. She never goes overboard with accessories and she always chooses clothes that complement her body. I also love the style of Olivia Palermo. She makes bold choices but never looks cheap or distasteful. She looks unbelievably stylish all the time, even when she’s walking her dog! 


How do you update your look?

I inject a few trends I like every season and match it with the things I already have. I wear trends, but I make sure I still look like me. Easy ways to update your look: go with the palette of the season, purchase must-have accessories like shoes and bags, and buy into trends you like. Never be a fashion victim and wear all trends at once. Still retain your personality in your clothes. 


What are some seasonless pieces that you’ve been keeping in your closet?

A lot. T-shirts, denim everything (jackets, jeans, dresses, overalls), statement necklaces I love and will keep forever, my everyday jewellery like earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are very me (classic, special pieces I’ve had for years), my leather bags and totes. When its something I love I don’t throw it away unless it looked tattered. But, sometimes, I still keep those because I can’t bear to let them go.  

How do you put together stunning, yet comfy outfits?

I try on a lot of clothes and mix and match them to see what fits together. As much as possible, I try to match unlikely pieces and sometimes, they look good together. It’s good to be unexpected and brave with your choices sometimes. My rule of thumb: it has to fit well and it has to look good. It’s such a great feeling to really love what you are wearing. It boosts your confidence and you just feel amazing. Just keep on trying to match things together! 

What are some fashion trends that you will never ever follow?

Fashion trends I cannot follow are anything that looks sloppy and messy or dirty. I’ve outgrown all of that in my 20s. These days I strive for elegance, without of course going overboard. That’s the worst, if you overdo something.  

Can women on budget still achieve style? How?

Of course! I am forever on a budget (I’ve learned the meaning of priorities), so my eyes have been trained to search for good deals. I love a good sale, there’s no shame in that. As long as you love the item, you’re good. Never buy if you don’t intend to use it, even if it’s 90% off. It’s just going to sit in your closet for years. For me, you should seek out different brands to know what is out there. Don’t discriminate, just because it’s cheap or expensive. Sometimes you can find gold in a thrift store, as well as that forever piece in an expensive brand store. It has to be worth the purchase, and you’ll know that by the number of times you will use the item. 

Convinced now? Coco Chanel believed that “style remains the same.” Through it, express yourself in a snazzy yet modest way. Be mindful of what you wear and how you carry yourself because your own style speaks volumes about you.

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