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Minimalist Home Design Ideas:How To Create a More Peaceful Home

Written by Kaye Chang

Are you an admirer of a minimalist home? Maybe you would like to use minimalist interiors to your new home.

While science suggests that messy people are smarter people, studies have shown that people who live in cluttered spaces have higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. That is why for busy people, keeping their homes as clean as possible and as simpler as they can always is the better idea — that is why minimalist home design ideas is a good idea.

How can you maintain a minimalist home? Here is some step-by-step approach on how you can start.

Minimalist Home Design Ideas

Clear All Surfaces of Clutter

Look around you: What can you see? There might be a pile of paper, car keys, shoes, sunglasses, empty dishes, and random objects. If you want to embrace a minimalist home, you need to clear things. Ask yourself which are the things you will maintain and which you should eliminate.

Store things out of your sight and organize everything according to priority.

Create a Neutral Base

When you are creating a minimalist interior, everything will start from the base. Use soft to earth tone hues which are clean, crisp, and fresh for the yes but will bring you a sense of calm. When it comes to a minimalist color, people often think of the color white. However, yellow undertones give a white paint a creamier and warmer appearance while blue provides a crisper look.

If you want to add more color, make sure to choose the solid pigments that can fuse well with neutral colors such as earthy browns, tans, blues, and greens.

Quality Over Quantity

The challenge of working with a minimalist home is to use furniture as little as possible. This might sound easy, but this might be the trickiest decision you will make. You need to consider every piece of furniture and accents that will enter your room. Every piece should be as useful as possible.

Avoid impulse buys on trendy items. Instead, choose well-made pieces that are built to last for years. If you have a lot of clutter in your home that is left unused and non-essential, they might end of collecting dust.

Keep Everything Simple

The key to maintaining a minimalist home is simple. A minimalist home abides by the “less is more” approach. A clutter-free space will make your home feel more peaceful and calmer.

Minimalist Home Design Inspirations


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