Resources Review- The Best Adsense Alternative For Art Blogs?


It’s obvious why you bothered to click on this article. Maybe you’re one of the creative bloggers tired of getting declined by Google Adsense or at one point you are in the program, but for some vague reasons Google terminated your Adsense account. Whatever the motives you may have, the various reasons why bloggers and web admins are constantly looking for a better if not the best ad program all boils down to monetizing their websites.

Now for the question, “Is the best adsense alternative?

I hate to burst your bubble but neither do I have the answer to that. Firstly, because I haven’t had Adsense on this website and secondly, I just recently had my account approved for my creativity and art niched blog. So, the statement I just posted is actually more of personal question too than an affirmation. However, this wouldn’t hinder me from giving my honest opinion and share my early stage experience with the program. Here it is.

What is


It is an online contextual ads program in partnership with Yahoo Bing Network. Announced on Sept. 27, 2012 – It enables web publishers to earn advertising revenue through putting their ads on websites or blogs. The network is fastly growing promising website owners and bloggers a better advertising solution.

How to get approved by


Having my site optimized for Adsense made it easier for me to apply for other ads program. But then no one really knows how a blog is being approved by these platforms. Nonetheless, here are some of the steps I did prior to my applications that might help you.

Make Good International Traffic – If you’re making reasonable U.S. / U.K. traffic to your website even though like me, most of your traffic comes from Asia. You have a big chance of getting an invitation. Maybe you’re asking how you can get the traffic. Let’s leave the more detailed discussion on another article. But let me give you a hint with this next point.

Create Original English Content – This method is not only to get traffic but also a way to get approved by advertising networks. Update your articles regularly and avoid copyright infringements. Prove the advertisers your websites worth.

Stay true to these two core components (Traffic and Content) and see the how you progress in this arena. After all getting approved isn’t as harder as to Adsense.

The Pros and Cons – (First Impressions)


Outstanding Technical Support Service – I don’t know how it is with Adsense, but with Media the technical support is really good and attentive. Upon approval of your request, a representative will be sending you a warm welcome giving you a notice that he/she will accompany you throughout your journey with the program. As a matter of fact, I asked a simple question “Did I put the ads on the right places?” and he not only responded right away but also gave me an advice to earn better using larger ads.

Unconventional Customizable Ads – I love how their ads look natural on my site. The ads with their several theme options can be easily customized to look different from conventional advertisements while looking like they’re still part of your website.

Ad Keywords Are Related to My Content – Most of the times, the keywords displayed are precisely targeted not ruining the user experience.

High Revenue – I couldn’t compare it with Adsense, but the ads revenue is significantly better than the other programs I tried.


(I’ll add some up if I happen to bump to other concerns)

The only minus point I noticed by far is my site slightly loads slower after implementing the ads. But if you’re willing to sacrifice that split second of downtime it’s good to go.


So, is the best Adsense alternative? Still I can’t answer that, all I can say is that it’s a ‘good’ alternative. The experiences vary from people to people so please don’t take my opinions as your ultimate guide. Remember, before applying for any programs make sure you do some research first.

After several months, when I’m well experienced with the platform I’ll try to do another review to share with you guys. But for now, take these words – is doing pretty well on my art blog.


How’s your experience with the program? What’s your opinion regarding the vs Adsense subject? Did you have any concerns with the Platform? Share your thoughts on the comment section.


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Mark Vincent del Rosario
Mark is passionate for arts. Dance,design and illustration are just some of the things he enjoys doing. He is currently working as a Web Programmer,but his desire to be creative will always be something at heart.
Mark Vincent del Rosario

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  • connectwithbedo

    For me is not just a best google Adsense alternative because can work better than google adsense

    • thetotobox

      It seems works well for you bro. Hopefully it’ll work fine for me to. 🙂

      • connectwithbedo

        Yeah Sure it can work better on you too just increase your traffic on US UK and CANADA

        • thetotobox

          Thanks for the advice bro! 🙂

  • Amit is looking good i have already applied for it but waiting for their invitation, its over six days.

    i hope they will approve my request…..

    great review ..

    keep posting 🙂

    Blog Genes

    • thetotobox

      Thank you Amit!
      Just be patient. 🙂
      Wishing you the best!

  • Thank you so much for this review! 🙂 This is exactly what I’m looking for. I got an email from someone in and wanted to know the experience of other bloggers. 🙂

  • WatchTooMuchLost

    It was worthless for us. 400,000 impressions in one week with an RPM of $ .14. This made it the lowest paying ad network that we have ever worked with. We have over 600,000 unique visitors and are 70% US traffic. We have a demand for up to 6,000,000 impressions per month, and so it’s not a traffic issue… We got out fast as we were losing a lot of money each day while trying them out.

  • I am receiving a decent amount of traffic but not able bank it in a good manner because of Google dfp ctr issues. So i decided to use chitika along with google dfp. But to my surprise chitika is for no use. I got only 50 cents for 45 clicks. That is ridiculous.

    Infolinks is better in some manners though.

  • Although Google adsense is one of the best program but it’s cpc is continuously degrading and that is somewhat disgruntled for me Hence I am looking for affiliate marketing which is far more better than that of adsense.