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Loudbasstard iPhone Bamboo Speakers from Cebu


Technology advances fast. This fact has reshaped our society to electronic dependency.   It is beyond doubt that gadgets and technology have a choke hold on most of the people and it’s taking a toll on us. Great thing there are still creatives who manage to come up with things that will cling on development without the expense of environmental safety. One good example of it is the Loudbasstard iPhone sound amplifiers.

Loudbasstard inc was established by two Filipino deviants who would like to share their love of music in a not so ordinary way. They designed an unusual tool for people to enjoy music in an earth friendly manner. Their products are made of natural materials commonly bamboo and wood, handcrafted by the talented artisans of Cebu City, Philippines.


More about Loudbasstard sound amplifiers

The Loudbasstard, released late last year, is a greener alternative to the usual amplifiers or speakers. What’s special is that it’s made out of bamboo and does not require electricity to use. Crazy isn’t it? Watch this video to know more:

This product has been getting positive feedbacks from the blogosphere and to me personally, I think this is a very sensible and creative idea. To be able to develop such concept in the midst of the pressure to use more sturdy and robust materials is truly commending. I can’t help but acknowledge the great minds behind Loudbasstard.


People Behind

Meet Koh Martinez Onozawa and Franz Ignacio.

Photo from:

Photo from:

Koh is a Filipino-Japanese designer that has a background in anthropology. Franz is from Pratt Institute, NY and was able to participate in Art Barsel, a reputable furniture show in Miami. Both of their families have backgrounds in design which made them no newbies to the industry.


Other Photos

from loudbasstard Youtube vids.

[nggallery id=13]


How much is loudbasstard?

Based on my research, it cost around 900 to 1000 Pesos. It is now available in some stores in Manila and Cebu. You may check their website for more details:


If given a chance, I’d like to do a review to it myself and test if it really does make a difference.  Although there are similar products in the market today like iBamboo and Speakaboo, Loudbasstard for me is a sure winner in terms of design and functionality (…and because it’s Filipino-made :)). This only proves that natural products have a room in the future, well at least for the bamboo.

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