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Isabel Gatuslao- Creative Pinoy



Every race in this world has something to be proud of and thankful for. I’m from thePhilippines. It’s a third world country, but with thriving economy and frequently-challenged-yet-fun-loving folks.

When I saw what my brother wrote about an astounding local invention made of bamboo (loudbasstard), I felt the nudge to feature another fellow Filipino with indigenous creative talent- a local figure who makes really good produce and deserving to be known globally. And that is someone who could make you and me feel proud of being a Pinoy! This is also for everyone to know that our talents are not just limited to singing or boxing. I can humbly say that we have much to give to the rest of the whole wide world.

So, here’s one creative Filipino who has been making a mark in design. I would like to introduce to you the utterly gifted Isabel Gatuslao.

Photo from:

Photo from:

Isabel is actually one of the faces behind the Nike Lebron X custom shoes for Lebron James’ Witness History Tour 2013 (view article here) and a number of famous logotypes in the country.

Digno De Un Rey: Isabel's work for the Witness History Tour

 Digno De Un Rey: Isabel’s work for the Witness History Tour

With her name associated with some of the popular brands and personalities in our country today,  Isabel is an in-demand graphic designer. I believe that success did not just fall on her lap. Like many other legit designers/artists, she had to climb the ladder too. Based on some readings, Isabel took up Interdisciplinary Studies in the university, though she has been into graphic design since she was ten. Looks like she was locked in the corporate world after college and it was just few years back when she decided to pursue her true passion.

Isabel is actually one of the faces behind the Nike Lebron X custom shoes for Lebron James’ Witness History Tour 2013 (link blog) and a number of famous logotypes in the country. Thank God for her artistic ability to creatively translate any client’s identity through visual design. According to her blog (link, she has worked with the fashion-loving Uy sisters (Liz and Laureen), Daphne Osena-Paez, Medicard and SOFA Design Institute. She has a personal stationery line/note cards sold in chosen branches of National Bookstore and Powerbooks. They are also available online.

Here are some of her classic works:

All photos are from

I think I’m starting to be a big fan! It’s inspiring to know people like Isabel Gatuslao who fearlessly pursue what they cherish no matter what the cost is. Now, I’m learning too!

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