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iOS 11 Preview for Designers: Release Date and Cool New Features

Written by Kaye Chang

The new iOS 11  has been released in beta for iPhones, iPads, and iPad Pros. What are the key features of that Apple’s new mobile operating system has to bring for the creative professionals?

The iPad Pro of Apple brought artists, designers, and motion pros a brilliant mix of portability and power in one. It also came with the Apple Pencil which offers a way to sketch out your ideas with a big amount of precision.

The only problem with the iPad Pro is it still uses the original iOS. The original iOS make it feel like it is an operating system for phones and tablets and not an operating system for professional work.

When is the Official Release?

The iOS 11 is now available in beta. If you are an iPad, iPhone or iPad Pro user, you can download it already. You just need to sign-up for the free Apple Beta Software Program. Once you have done this, you can install a profile on your device and download iOS 11.

You also need to back up your device using iTunes or iCloud. If you don’t like the beta version of iOS 11, you can always go back to iOS 10.

Apple stated that iOS 11’s final release date would be in Autumn. Rumors state that it will be released in September along with the tenth anniversary iPhone 8.

What Can Designers Get from iOS 11?

The new iOS 11 can transform your iPad into a productivity tool with a lot of cool new features. The most interesting update for this operating system is the new Files app. With the new Files app, you can easily save, manage, and browse all of your files.

The new operating system also has better multitasking features. You can now run a couple of apps at once by using the Split View as well as the Slide Over.

Other Rumors

There are still other things that designers can use with the iOS 11. It comes with a built-in document scanner to help with your contracts and a better keyboard. However, the most exciting part is the ARKiT.

ARKit is the new platform created by Apple for designers where they can bring high quality augmented reality experiences to their Apple devices using the gadget’s built-in camera and motion sensors. The ARKit will step up the user’s shopping experience, gaming, and a lot more.

Everyone is yet to see what iOS 11 can do properly but it is a huge and exciting development especially for designers using Apple gadgets to enhance their crafts further.

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