How to Earn Money with Creative Talent Online

earnMoneyOne of the most pleasing things in life is to do what you love doing. Now, imagine earning money while doing that “thing”. As anyone who’s been soaking in the internet for some time would know, there are thousands of ways to earn money through the web. Working online may be too idealistic that most would just let the thought of working at home pass by. But, what if it could be the best way to make a living out of your passion and finally gain freedom from the bondages of the corporate world?! When people hear of this idea, some would probably back off and maybe consider it as a fiddle. Can’t blame them because there are too many frauds that are roving around the vastness of the web these days. But if you want to stay legit, join me and let’s explore some of the creative ways to earn money online.


Visual Arts

If you are into graphic designing, illustration, photography or other visual arts, there are numerous ways for you to earn. Based on observation, the key on being successful in this field is to build your reputation in the design community. Establish a good portfolio. Now, if you think you can start digging into your artistic journey; below are some of the common ways for you to make some money with your visual cleverness.

Join Online Design Contest
Gain publicity and earn some in the arts circle by joining crowd-sourced design contest.
If you want to know more about Crowd-sourcing, read this article:

Get into these Online Crowd-Sourcing communities:
–        99designs
–        Creative Allies
–        Design by Humans
–        Threadless


Sell Your Artworks
Another common way is to sell your art works. This method can be very frustrating at times; but in just like any marketing business, you need to have good products to sell. So take heart on your works and be patient.

You could sell your graphics, illustrations, stock photos and etc. through these sites:
–          Graphic River
–         iStock Photo
–         Shutter Stock
–         Café Press



If you are good in writing, technical or creative, you can earn ample amount of money through various ways in the internet.

One of the most used ways is to create your own blog. Well, starting your own blog site is a different story. For the time being, let’s concentrate more on how you can get good income out of blogging. To earn money through this method goes beyond just starting your own blog. You have to consistently update your articles to boost traffic into your blog and then put some advertisements to it. Ads will be the one to generate income for you.

Here’s a good read to start your blog:

Popular tools on creating blog:
–          Weebly

Top advertisement tools you can use:
–          Google Adsense
–          Chitika
–          Buy Sell Ads


Sell your Articles
If you don’t have your own website or blog site yet, why not write for someone else. Be a guest writer. Just like images and illustrations, you could also sell your articles online.

Here are some of the trusted sites you could consider:

–          Hubpages
–         Daily Article
–         Constant Content



If music is your passion, you could also make some good deal out of your genius. Names have been put on the charts for making good music and posting them online. If you want to create your own break, here’s how to start:

Once you have rendered your ‘obra maestra’ you can now market your music on iTunes.
Sell your music on iTunes


Acting, Hosting, Dance & Choreography

If you have talents in the performing arts just like delivering a spill effortlessly or doing some dope choreographies, there is also a way for you to create income online.  Though this might be the toughest method to find some break, but hey, who knows you just might be the next NigaHiga. 🙂 The key —- make your video viral!

Be a YouTube Partner


Be a Freelancer

In general, you could sell your service on job marketplaces. You can be a freelancer and sell your services online.  This method is the most direct and active way to gain income in the internet. Here are some of the famous websites where you can find jobs suited with your talents and skills:

–          Odesk
–          Behance Job
–          Smashing Jobs
–          Elance



It’s always good to study first and have enough information before getting into anything you would like to do. As I have said earlier, there are too many frauds out there that seem to be a great deal but would only take time, effort and even money from you. So be wise, and be creative J

Do you mind sharing your own ideas regarding this topic?  We would love to hear from you.
Post your idea on the comment section below.



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Mark is passionate for arts. Dance,design and illustration are just some of the things he enjoys doing. He is currently working as a Web Programmer,but his desire to be creative will always be something at heart.
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  • Anushri Shukla

    Are all these freelance sites operatable in India?

    • thetotobox

      Apologies Anurushi, not really sure about it. But I believe most of it is available in India. Cheers!

  • Arava Glam

    there are many sites like koocam, where u can sell any knowledge u have through chat.
    its the best method i found works for me.

    • thetotobox

      Thanks a lot for the info! Will check that one out.