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How to Be Creative

I am an admirer of everything that has been done creatively. Looking at colorful abstract patterns, listening to beautifully composed lyrics applied on complicated melodies and watching out of the ordinary dance routines lead me to amazement. How can someone come up with an applaudable creative work? Where do ingenious ideas come from? And how do you stitch those ideas to form a masterpiece? In short, how does one give birth to creativity?

In crafting any artwork or scientific invention or any social innovation, where and how will you start? That’s pretty hard. But I’ve heard that creativity is not just for painters, musicians, writers and other intellectual elite. Creativity is for everyone. Hard to believe, probably, but true. You may not possess the creative genes in your system right now, but you can develop processes and tools to rouse your imagination. From there, you will be surprised that ideas will just begin to flow and something can be brought to life creatively.

Many sources can offer you countless steps and ideas on how to be creative. Here’s my take:


Be an observer

Appreciate what’s around you. Sometimes you tend to be so isolated that you miss on the beauty of your surroundings. Definitely, what you will see can fuel creative ideas. Observe your own self too. What usually motivates you? When do find yourself most susceptible to concocting something that’s creative? Renowned fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi, finds creativity when taking walks at night. How about you?


Be a reader

Love reading, researching and studying. When I was a grade schooler, I attended a lecture that discouraged kids to spend too much time watching TV. I remember learning that being in front of the television for so long could hamper creativity. I don’t fully understand the science behind it, but there may be some truth to it. I’ve been hearing that reading could sharpen one’s imagination. Makes sense. I believe when you put your brain to work, mental pictures and ideas can be formed in your mind. And those pictures and ideas can translated into words, music, system, visual arts or machine blueprint.


Be an adventurer

Go to places. Know other cultures. Expose yourself to the world. When you do so, you are opening yourself to a bucketful of new and fresh ideas. When you begin to travel, you somehow develop some sense of self-assurance. A creative person is confident. He is not afraid to take risks, test the limits and go out of the box. A creative person is also prepared for uncertainties (and these- very common to adventure-seekers). When creating something, you don’t know what’s gonna be the output, really.


Be a copycat

Copy. One filmmaker said that creativity entails letting go of originality. “Nothing is original.” One creative idea may just be a summation of several other creative ideas. Don’t get me wrong, though. You may start with copying, but don’t end there. There is this simple process of copying, then, transforming, and combining. Follow this and you’ll master creativity (in various degrees). There’s nothing wrong with trying, anyway.


Be with a team

Working with others brings about something that’s far greater than that, which is done alone. One computer scientist suggests that you should try working with diverse individuals because that can “amplify your voice.” You need people to challenge your creativity. A healthy collaboration is a special ingredient of it. Don’t you love brainstorming?! Conversing with others allow you to be exposed with different styles of thinking and doing. of You even have to learn to trust your team that even though they criticize your ideas, it doesn’t mean that it is you they criticize. Collaboration yields “creative maturity.”

Being creative is not just about how the right and left sides of your brain are working. While writing this, there’s one important point I’ve learned in creativity: start believing that you are creative. Know that you have so much to give through creativity.

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Maebelle del Rosario

Maebelle del Rosario

Maebelle is fascinated with all things creative. She is into dance and travel. Science used to be her niche and soon after, colors and the play of words have captured the very depth of her being. New York (where FIT, Julliard and MoMA are) is her home-- this is one of her wildest dreams. 🙂
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