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Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy

Here’s a dose of heartening today:

“There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.”

“Let your faith be bigger than your fear.”

“It’s not too late to get where you are going.”

Words speak to our being. Those combined letters have the power to either move or calm, break or make us. Moreover, they bring us to a place of intellection and sense of passion. Words meet us, through our ears to our mind and then, the heart.

What more if they are presented this way?


You’ve probably stumbled upon those images ’cause there has been a growing fascination with hand lettering. For the letterers, that’s happy news! Commissioned works spring from every side. Slots on workshops are quickly filled up. Self-study books sell out in no time. It goes without saying that there’s an undeniably great demand to learn the art of lettering!

A few months back, designer and hand lettering instructor, Abbey Sy, successfully launched her first book.  “The ABC’s of Hand Lettering” promises to share the steps to learning the skill in transforming mere words into visual arts.




The five chapters have the goal to impart that lettering can be learned and a hobby that can turn into a career. With colorful and image-rich pages, readers and creativity enthusiasts can absolutely enjoy taking in some practical guidelines about the skill. From there, grasp a number of facts about fonts, drafting letters, merging lettering styles and making your finished work known to the public.



And learn not only from Abbey Sy. These A-listers in the Philippines’ creative community have shared about their own journeys in hand lettering. See the names of Alessandra Lanot, Christine Herrin, Risa Rodil, Fozzy Castro-Dayrit, Anina Rubio, Carl Chua, John Ed De Vera, Alexis Ventura and Jelvin Base.

No dull pages on “The ABC of Hand Lettering.” Short, but engaging. Light, but filled to the brim with creativity. It’s heaven-sent to the creative seekers itching to start hand lettering. It’s not surprising that this one from Abbey is now a best-seller in the Philippines. That’s what passion and hard work spark off.

Grab your copy and begin your journey in writing and drawing letters. Take it from the book’s talented author: Always be creating.


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