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Google AutoDraw : Makes Pro Drawings From Doodles

Growing up with a fascination for drawing, I would remember myself doodling weird lines and curves with a clear picture of what it was in my mind. But in reality, it was all but an unsightly image that somehow resembles an object. Kids would know the frustration, well basically anyone who is not gifted with the skill. Good thing there is AutoDraw.

AutoDraw is a drawing web-tool that works on different platforms may it be tablets, phones or computers. It works by first recognizing what the user have drawn and suggest a more appealing version of it.

Watch the video to learn more about the technology.

AutoDraw by A.I. Experiments and Google

Moreover, the tool is created by Dan Motzenbecker and Kyle Phillips with friends at Google Creative Lab. They use the same technology as QuickDraw to guess what the user is trying to draw. As for now, they can recognize hundreds drawings and is expected to add more over time.

On a side note, technologies like this comes in handy but quite scary as well. Year after year, technology is finding easier ways to do various things. And as you might have noticed people are getting lazier and more anxious. How could technology like AutoDraw affect the next generation of artists? Could this be the dawn of manually created art works? But until then, let’s just enjoy this another product of ‘Googliness’.

Share us your thoughts about AutoDraw.

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