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Get Fashionable with Aztec Designs


Imagine 14th century Mexico where an empire flourished with diverse culture. It was a community that adored drama, poems and songs. They were also into architecture and agriculture. Good economic structure was built and there was trade among people. Guess what they used for their purchases?! Cacao beans. Yes, beans in exchange for food, cloth, golden statue, etc. They worshipped a patron god and practiced human sacrifice. Part of the second class society was into arts and crafts. And can you believe that chocolate originated from their cuisine? Way cool!

This empire had sense of style too. Women wore blouse, skirt and braided hair while the men donned cape and loincloth. Sandals and jewelry like bangles were common to those of high birth.

They were the AZTECS.

Fast forward to 2013… The artistic designs created by the Aztecs have graced the fashion runways in several places around the world.


Aztec Designs on Runway






Aztec patterns are all over many fashion pieces- pants, top, skirt, shawl, bag, cardigan, swimwear, accessories, dress and others. The patterns in bold (and sometimes muted) colors with various shapes and lines have won the hearts of many fashionistas worldwide. Its addition to a wardrobe adds an edge to one’s overall look. Maybe it’s about the fierce combination of tribal influence and geometric motif.


Aztec Designs Clothes and etc.


[nggallery id=12]

The next time you shop, you gotta take some chic Aztec items, wear them and hit the spotlight!

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Maebelle del Rosario

Maebelle del Rosario

Maebelle is fascinated with all things creative. She is into dance and travel. Science used to be her niche and soon after, colors and the play of words have captured the very depth of her being. New York (where FIT, Julliard and MoMA are) is her home-- this is one of her wildest dreams. 🙂
Maebelle del Rosario

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  • jonathan nava

    wow nice show and design.. it’s a great fashion outfit

    • thetotobox

      Thanks for the feedback Jonathan! 🙂

  • Rochkirstin Santos

    Aztec designs are pretty attractive and trendy nowadays. I think this will last us a few years as there’s a lot to choose from.

    • thetotobox

      Definitely! Thanks Rochkirstin!