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Geometric Shapes and Patterns in Neo Tribal Tattoos

There is diversity in mediums used to express creativity. While others choose traditional tools like: pen and paper, oil and canvass and other stereotypical stuffs on the list, some opt to use ink and their own skins to be byproducts of artistry. The practice I’m referring to called tattooing has been a taboo for quite some time but is now slowly getting its spot in today’s society.

Although others still look at tattoos with a brow held high, we can’t be judgmental on other people’s preferences. However, in just like anything we do, one should have proper motives and purposes before finally deciding to get inked. After all, no one wants to have something he would regret looking at during his/her golden years.

That being said, if ever I’m going to get inked the only intentions I can see is to first, glorify God and then for self-expression.

Yes, I want to have one, but I’m yet to find my reasons to get it.

Enough about my personal thoughts already, let’s get into this amazing form of tattoos called Neo Tribal.

Here are some of the samples.

Neo Tribal Tattoos

Neo Tribal tattoo is a blend of tribal designs and geometric shapes and patterns that produces a modern and cool twist to ethnic tattoos.

neo-tribal-mgaldo (1)

neo-tribal-mgaldo (4)

neo-tribal-mgaldo (5)neo-tribal-mgaldo (6)neo-tribal-mgaldo (7)neo-tribal-mgaldo (8)neo-tribal-mgaldo (9)neo-tribal-mgaldo (10)


neo-tribal-mgaldo (2)

The tattoos from the images are done by the Italian tattoo artist, Marco Galdo. He is known for incorporating flat patterns and 3D looking shapes in his designs. The fusion creates a systematized and organic look that highlights Galdo’s distinctive style in tattooing.


Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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