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Anjo Bolarda – Fuse of Japanese and Western Street Art

As they say, “follow people who you want to become”, and so I heed the call and surrounded myself with several people in life and on social media to juice up my passions. Anjo Bolarda, a Filipino visual artists, happened to be one of the people I found to be inspiring most especially in the field of arts and illustration.


Don’t get me wrong though, being as good as people who you look up to is not like waving a wand from the land of the unicorns and get results in a poof. As Mr. Bolarda have mentioned during our small online chat in Tagalog, “gawa lang ng gawa” (continue to work hard).


Yes, Anjo Bolarada, graced me with his time given his hectic schedule and ‘celebrity-like’ status in the art scene. We actually conversed as if we already know each other for a long time, and to tell you honestly, I was really impressed on how humble the guy was. Well, I guess that’s another key to his success: keeping his feet on the ground.


So here you go folks, let’s get inspired by the works of Anjo Bolarda.


Art of Anjo Bolarda

All of the following images are grabbed from the artist’s Behance page with his consent.

Anjo-Bolarda-Art-20 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-19 f99423e16a81f26cfa5bde6a70344d15 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-18 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-17 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-16 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-16 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-15 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-14 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-13 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-12 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-11 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-10 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-09 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-08 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-07 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-06 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-05 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-04 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-03 Anjo-Bolarda-Art-0w Anjo-Bolarda-Art-01


What’s not to love about Anjo’s works? The intricately drawn geometric patterns, the playful placement of details, and the unison of concepts – not to sensationalize, but to me, everything is just close to perfection.


He actually calls his art as ‘Sukiyaki-Western’ in which according to him means the marriage of Japanese and Western street art and low bro illustrations.


More About the Artist


Anjo Bolarda is a self-taught artist who has been able to showcase his talent around the globe. He is also the community founder of Behance Philippines, co-founder of Designers of Asia, core member of 98B artCOLLABoratory, a contributor of Get Freaky, an illustration magazine based in France, and an illustrator for LAVIO, an illustration Agency in Barcelona, Spain.

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