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Fulfilling Tech Jobs for Creative People

Way back, kids were not encouraged to pursue a creative career because apparently, there is no money on chasing after one’s creative passions. I have no idea whether this is true for all cultures, but that is how it was here in the Philippines. Parents in a common family would prefer their children to be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer but never someone in the creative field.

Fortunately for millenials, the tides have changed. There is now an option to stay on the creative side while venturing into financially fulfilling industries.

What could be the most flourishing industry in the advent of smartphones, apps and gadgets? Incase you didn’t get the hint, it’s tech industry.

Now for your reading pleasure, here are some of the tech jobs you can exercise your creativity with while having some quite good cash flow.

Tech Jobs for Creatives

UI Designer

A UI or User Interface designer, is the person incharge for making the development team imagine how a certain software or application would be like. Primarily, they are the people who designs how the product would look. They also are the ones to create style guides, pretty much like an architect creating blueprints for engineers as a guide for building an infrastracture.

Skills you need to know as  UI Designer
+ Visual Design
+ Wireframing
+ Typography
+ Color Scheming

Tools Used by UI Designers
+ Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
+ Wireframing tools

UX Designer

In the other hand, a UX designer also known as the User Experience designer is the one who thinks how the users would feel while using the product. This role has been proven to be of importance in retaining the usage of a certain application.

Skills you need to know as  UX Designer
+ Prototyping
+ Wireframing
+ Animation

Tools Used by UX Designers
+ Prototyping Tools: Invision
+ Javascript, Jquery

Web Designer

Closely similar to being a UI designer, a Web designer is more focused on branding and promotions than the product itself. They establish how a client, company or individual will be perceived or how a certain message will be relayed via the website.
Skills you need to know as  UI Designer
+ Visual Design
+ Branding
+ Typography
+ Color Scheming

Unicorn – Designer and Developer

And then, there were the so called ‘unicorns’. These are the people who can create compelling designs and develop it to usable products at the same time. Basically, they are a hybrid of designer and programmer in one glorified body. On a serious note, they can bring a significant impact in a development team for their versatility. Most say that they are very hard to find in the industry, hence the mythological nickname.

Skills you need to know as  Unicorn
+ All that’s mentioned (and not mentioned)

Tools Used by Design Unicorns
+ Anything imaginable

There are actually a lot of opportunities in the tech industry, and an equal amount of individuals have seen its potential to be a satisfying career grounds. However, at the end of the day, it’s what makes a person happy that matters.

How about you, are you ready to be techie creative?

Photo source: Pexels

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