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Fascinating Foodscape Photography by Carl Warner

After a long and dragging day at work, you just want to have a break with all thecommotion and take an idyllic resting time. The problem is you’re in a concrete jungle making you realize better how draining city life can be. In your mind, the best remedy is to unwind looking at green landscapes and enjoy a scrumptious meal with your family, friends or even alone. The sad part, for some unfortunate reasons, you can’t at the time being. Good thing I have here something that would somehow ease your frustrations a set of images that combines both gorgeous landscapes and mouthwatering foods – theFoodscapes.

Perhaps, you have heard of photographers specializing on landscapes, but food landscapes?

Probably not…

Let me introduce you to Carl Warner, a London based photographer who uses different kinds of foods to recreate sceneries and turn them to awesome photos.

Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes



These amazing ‘Foodscapes’ were shot and created in Carl’s studio based in London. According to his website, they setup the foods on top of a large purpose built table top and turn them to a wonderful scenery. The scenes are shot in separate layers, from foreground to background and sky. After the photo session, each element is then merged together in post processing to achieve the final image


More About the Artist

Carl was born in England in 1963. He went to Maidstone College of Art with an aspiration of being an illustrator since he had good drawing skills. But he soon realized that his artistry and eye for detail is more suitable for photography. After a year in Maidstone College, he moved to London College of Printing and took a three year degree in photography, film and television.

Know more about him in his official website.

My Thoughts

Be creative on choosing your mediums to produce art but be more focused and motivated on how you deliver it. As Mr. Warner has shown, what you use to create art is just a part of your grand piece. After all, you are the artist.


Feel free to share your thoughts on ‘Foodscapes’ below. 🙂

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