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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – New Movie and New Series?


If you are an Anime’ fan and you don’t have the ‘Dragon Ball’ series on your top 5 list, you should ask yourself why?! Seriously! Growing up in the 90’s, Dragon Ball had been a big part of my childhood.    In fact, on the early episodes, I could remember how I used to be a big fan of the bald monk with three eyes, ‘Tenshinhan’ (Tien Shinhan). Upon knowing that a new Dragon Ball movie had been released in Japan, I could say that it’s really something for a fan like me to go crazy about.

After 17 years of long wait, TOEI Animation with several production teams has released the movie with a deep involvement from its original creator, Akira Toriyama. With Toriyama’s participation, the movie created such a buzz that it earned $7 Million on its opening weekend in Japan.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods the movie was released last March 30, 2013. It is the 18th movie derived directly from the Dragon Ball anime series. The movie’s setting took place between DBZ manga chapters 517 and 518, essentially 10 years after the Majin Buu Saga. Enough with the spoilers already. Watch the trailer and get more excited:

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Trailer

Possible New Series

Rumors have been circulating around the anime community about the possibility of having a new series, but up to this point there is no confirmation to the news yet. However, based on some fans who have seen the movie already, Dragon Ball Z:Battle of the Gods, with its suggestive ending, leaves a good opening for a new series. Let’s just wait and hope for the best my friends.

Here’s an interesting insight from Toriyama:


Oops, and for those having a hard time understanding Japanese, good thing I found an English translation of the commentary here:

For more info, here’s the official website of the movie:

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