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Develop and Hone Your Child’s Creativity

Ever wonder how most successful writers, scientists, musicians and painters were as kids? Are creative geniuses born or made?

It can be pointed out that creativity stems from hereditary factors. It is plain logic that when one’s parent is an artist or a scientist, it is not a shock if he pursues the same career path. If creativity runs in your family, no doubt, you’ll end up being a creative dude too. Having innate abilities is a great factor to consider, but proper nurturing plays a crucial role. That’s when parenting comes in.

In one of our previous blogs, How To Be Creative , we have listed some practical ways to unleash the creativity in anyone. Now, we hope to map out a master plan for forward-thinking moms and dads out there who wish to raise up little, creative geniuses.

Hone Your Child’s Creativity


You cannot force anyone to be creative, not even your kids.  Read. Write. Knowing that curiosity and thirst for learning boost creativity, set an example. Show that learning is a process and isn’t only confined in classrooms. Welcome questions. Receive your kids’ whys and what ifs, which are no non-nonsense, though they are from young thinkers. As parents, prove that learning is fun and lovable.


Raise your kids’ confidence by cheering them on. Listen, know their creative pursuits and give your support. Nothing like a pat from the back or  thumbs up from parents inject worth and assurance to kids. Never fail to provide encouragement, though sometimes, expected outcomes are not achieved.


How about tagging your kids along to frequent trips to the museum, science fairs or concert halls? Allot time to go to places, which display and  push creativity. It can be advantageous to the young geniuses once they begin to appreciate the creatives who have come before them and make use of the influences as inspirations for their own creations.


One creative researcher said that most geniuses are polymaths. They know a lot about many different fields- arts and sciences. One extremely interesting discovery is that they prefer to be self-taught. Most creative geniuses can manage to learn things on their own. What you have to do: teach and allow independence to sharpen your kids’ creativity. Do not shelter them from simple challenges. Guide them to explore countless possibilities.

Keep in mind that high IQ scores do not equate to becoming a successful creative genius every so often. Moms and dads need to step in early in the lives of their children to foster creativity.

Imagine a society where we raise individuals able to produce something to bring solace and other benefits to humanity!

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Maebelle del Rosario

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