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Creativity Needs Time


Have you ever wondered why it took 7 days for God to create everything in this universe when He could’ve done it in a day, probably in a split second? Many may have their own take on this issue, but to me personally, I believe there is a point behind it.


Time is essential in almost everything. Even the Author of creativity took time to make the most wonderful creation ever and that is life. On the contrary, in this fast-paced world where everything can be produced in an instant, we are pushed to follow the same rule. Whether you are a software developer, graphic artist or a simple office clerk, you probably have an idea what I am talking about – unrealistic deadlines.


Reasons may vary why customers, clients and bosses set impractical and demanding deadlines but most of the times they don’t help. They put stress and pressure that cause undesirable, if not an average, outcome.


With this matter, I found this very inspirational video- an illustration why creativity needs time. It was a test ran by a creative production team to show their client why they’re asking for more time. Kids were asked to do a task in 10 seconds and as expected, the outcome was not decent, even some were not able to finish. And so, they were given another chance with 10 minutes to accomplish the same job. Watch the clip and see how they did.


Creativity Needs Time

I have my own experiences with this issue. I am both guilty and a victim myself. I’m pretty sure most can relate and I guess we all have learned something valuable from this. Given some more time, it’s undeniable that we can produce extraordinary things. So, to the workers of this world, take your time. And to the customers, clients and bosses, be patient!

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