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The internet has become a great source of relief for boredom. But with too many information that has been available online, it gets complex and complicated that many just opt to be in  the confines of popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. – even these can get boring sometimes. Why don’t you try something else and get off from the cycle of your usual online activity?  Be creative, productive and kill boredom.

This  first installment of our series, ‘ Creative Things To Do Online ’ offers something for the music lovers.

Check out some musically creative things you can do online:




Incredibox is an acapella track you can control the layers of-  from the melody, backup singers, beat…etc. Its cartoon-y looking graphics, simple and wisely designed interface make it a fun experience to create music.  As the site’s tagline says, it’s as easy as ‘Drag,Drop,Listen‘. You can access the first version here.





 Plink is a multiplayer music maker that lets you create music simply by moving your mouse cursor up and down.  You just have to choose different colors that correspond to different sounds. Be amazed on how you and your co-players make fine music with these plain gestures.





Wubmachine allows you to make music by selecting songs from your computer, Soundcloud or anywhere online. Select your preferred genre and let this website do the mixing for you. Genres available are ‘Dubstep’, ‘Electro House’ and ‘Drum & Bass’.





Seaquence lets you make music by building sea creatures and have them live together. Modify each of the creatures to create different sounds. Then, share the music you have created on Twitter.




looplab enables you to make awesome mixes from preloaded songs. With its technical looking interface, it could get a little hard to play with. But if you are familiar with common music editing softwares, it’s just a piece of cake.





Buttonbeats has a wide collection of instruments available – guitar, piano, and turntable, just to name a few. By simply selecting an instrument and playing it with the keyboard,  music can come to life after some  minutes.


There’s no reason to waste time on the internet, be productive and keep your creative juices flowing.

What website do you visit to boost your musical genius?

Do you mind sharing it with us? Do you have an opinion on our selections? Do not hesitate to write a post on our comment section.

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