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15+ Cool and Creative Umbrella Designs

Getting caught up in the rain is one of the most unpleasant things one could experience, and worst if your caught unready for it. Having said that, the first that pops to my mind when it comes to protecting people from getting wet in the rain, and the last I would bother bringing on regular days is none other than an umbrella.

Umbrella is one of the things a person would least likely to use often but it sure is the most reliable friend on some unexpected weather conditions.  To brighten up the situation you might want to consider having a funny gear with you. Let’s have a peak to some of the most creative and coolest umbrellas made.


Cool Umbrella Designs

Goggle umbrella – This umbrella has a goggle shaped window that spies and scuba divers alike will appreciate. (Designer: 25 Togo Studio)

goggles-umbrella-1 googles-umbrella-4



Full body Umbrella – This umbrella is said to be the only one that could keep you 100% dry.  Well, you know how advertising goes.  (photo by yamuhaton)





Dualbrella – It’s a pro-romance umbrella that accommodates a couple.  Avoid using this when your alone, random strangers might tag along. (buy)

dualbrella-1 dualbrella-2



Cup holder Umbrella – Designed to let one hold a paper cup or a coffee cup while holding onto the umbrella. But it’s not advisable to drink on it while it’s raining. Duh? (Designer: Ek Design)




Umbrellas for the Civil but Discontent Man – A collection of umbrellas that combines a symbol of gentlemanly refinement and geekiness. (buy)


samurai-umbrella-1 samurai-umbrella-2 samurai-umbrella-3


Knight Sword

sword-umbrella-1 sword-umbrella-2 sword-umbrella-3


Sabre Style

sabre-umbrella-1 sabre-umbrella-2 sabre-umbrella-3



Rifle umbrella – Here’s another umbrella for the ‘machos’ uncomfortable of using regular umbrellas. buy

Rifle-Umbrella-1 rifle-umbrella-3.jpeg



Backpack umbrella – A hands free umbrella that is worn like a backpack bag. (buy)




Watergun umbrella – This cool umbrella, collects the flow of rainwater down into its handle, a water pistol. This is for the people who doesn’t want to get wet by the rain but plays a water gun. Sweet! (Designer: Alex Wooley)

umbrella-water-gun1 umbrella-water-gun-2



Nubrella – Another hands free umbrella that makes you look like an astronaut if not an alien. (

nubrella-1 nubrella-2



Umbuster Brass Knuckle Umbrella – The Umbuster is an umbrella with an ergonomically positioned knuckle duster handle. Looks comfy but keep it away from violent people. (Designed by Sruli Recht )




Stool Umbrella – Cool umbrella designed to be used as a stool when there is no rain. (by SimpleWeather)




Cloud Umbrella – According to some reviews this cloud shaped umbrella leaves you soaking wet under the rain. What can you expect when you’re under a cloud? (Joonsoo Kim)

cloud-umbrella-1 cloud-umbrella-2



Golf Umbrella
If you feel like playing golf after the rain. Why not use this cool Golf Umbrella. (designed by Sebastian Errazuriz)




Rain Shield

Due to its smart design, the Rain Shield protects better than a regular umbrella. (Designers: Lin Min-Wei & Liu Li-Hsiang)

rain-shield-1 rain-shield-2



SENZ Umbrella
The SENZ designed with aero dynamics and is said to be useful even to the heavy storm winds.(



So which one’s your favorite? Share your thoughts on the comment section below.


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