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Colin Roohan Photography


I am no expert at taking pictures. I don’t really have an eye for angles and most camera controls are foreign to me. Three years ago when I first purchased a digital camera, all I knew was to click its snap button when I wanted to capture something. I am no expert, but I love looking at the images as a result of photography, especially now that half of the world is on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop, which can do wonders and give aid to my not-so-good photographic skills. Though my photos are far from being impeccable like those of the pros, I believe they are getting closer to being presentable (based on my own standard, at least).

I was on a flight for an out of town trip when I came to know about Colin Roohan, who was featured in the airline magazine available at that time. He is an American travel photographer and writer from Oklahoma. Colin recently earned the 17th spot on “The 25 Greatest Travel Photographers Right Now” by Complex magazine. This guy is a praiseworthy shutterbug and globetrotting enthusiast. Colin started to embrace photography just four years ago but the genesis of his love for travel took place when he was just nine.

Abu Dhabi, South Korea, Vietnam, India and Kuala Lumpur are just some of the places he has been to and documented through photos. His works are being featured in Groove, AFAR and Travel + Leisure magazines.


Colin Roohan Photography

It’s such an honor to have the following photos provided by Colin Roohan, himself, for this blog.

















These are the portraits taken by someone who believes that “connecting with humans from other parts of the globe is the greatest education available”. Colin has been successful in finding beauty from objects most of us just pass by or ignore. From Colin, we can all learn that mere skill is not enough, the heart behind that skill matters big-time.




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