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BJ Pascual’s PUSH

You might think that it’s an overnight success thing for young Filipino creative, BJ Pascual. With all the credits in just seven years in the fashion industry, it’s possible, right? But nah, it’s not even close to that. The celebrated photographer has undoubtedly worked his way to where he is at this point. At 27, BJ is loved by a great deal of stylish celebrities and fashion editors. Not shocked! His stunning works are everywhere from magazine covers to billboards- as results of well-thought-out elements. There’s no denying that many are floored with his eye for perfect angles to bring out the best from any model in every photo shoot.

A little while back, BJ released his first ever book, Push: Muses, Mischief & How to Make It in Manila. And it’s the talk of the town in real time! Its pages plainly deal out challenges and stages in his career as a photographer.  Push is a collection of lessons he has become competent in and been meaning to pass on to aspiring photographers. Such an unselfish gesture coming from a breakout creative. Needless to say, BJ has put his back on every chapter with striking font styles, knockout images and superb stories.

Talent is not enough. BJ Pascual believes that ace photographers “are made, not born.” You can be considered a genius in view of your artistry, but without hard work, you’ll fall flat soon enough. For BJ, mastering your craft is as important as being earnest with your deliverables. He also agrees that pursuing photography is not a glamorous job, so he has been inclined to the surprises and sacrifices that go with it. Late pack-ups and early call time are just parts of which.

Valuable relationships are worth keeping. Most of the time (if not always), it’ll take a village to fulfill your call in life. BJ, as a photographer, has in his circle trusted stylists, editors-in-chief, set designers and other collaborators. He has own list of “heroes and muses,” too. BJ opts to “be around great people” who can grasp his fancy and passion. ‘Cause without them, he’ll obviously be just another faceless name on the byline.

Going back to your roots has to be part of your game plan . BJ grew up in Cavite, a province close to Manila. The place is not a megacity where fashion is a way of life. Even so, it has been BJ’s home that has prepared him   for the now. That is also where his family and friends are. Perhaps, this is BJ’s way to stay grounded and remain grateful- to be mindful of where he came from- in the face of success.Bj-Pascual_CNNPH

BJ Pascual has realized them by heart. You should, too, if you’re a creative hankering after a legit status in the industry. Break a leg!

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