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Big on Colors – Paintings by Cate Parr

Watercolor is probably part of every kid’s grade school art class. For the pro’s, it isn’t just about blending the basic pigments with water and drawing on paper. Though challenging, techniques like “glazing”, “flat wash” and “wet in wet” (though challenging) are not new to them.


When you chance upon the beautiful watercolor paintings by Cate Parr, for sure, you will be left in awe. Born in England and a current resident of Los Angeles, this fashion illustrator’s mixture of colors are outstanding. She has worked jointly with other companies that showcased her fashionable art designs.

Look closely to her every piece and you’ll notice the intricate and pristine details. The stylish convergence of different elements is calming. Her art skills are truly extraordinary!

[nggallery id=2]

No doubt, Cate has mastered the clever play of mixing watercolors in every illustration she has made. See more of her look-at-me artworks here :

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Maebelle del Rosario

Maebelle del Rosario

Maebelle is fascinated with all things creative. She is into dance and travel. Science used to be her niche and soon after, colors and the play of words have captured the very depth of her being. New York (where FIT, Julliard and MoMA are) is her home-- this is one of her wildest dreams. 🙂
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