Bea Marquez: Young Creative on the Rise

I was not born artistic. I think. But growing up, I remember loving the songs from Disney movies, wanting to watch Lea Salonga in Miss Saigon, learning modern dances and appreciating colors in many different mediums (from pens to fabrics to nail polish). That only means that my lack of creative skills hasn’t become an obstacle to recognize the beauty in arts. So, please don’t blame me if I tend to be artsy-fartsy sometimes. I do not have gifted hands for drawing. And I can’t even play any musical instrument. Nevertheless, I have learned to love feeling, hearing and seeing works of art.

I also have high respect for those who are inherently artistic. Not that I envy them. It’s  just that I come to a point sometimes when I wish I have even a small part of their creative abilities. You know, just like Picasso who created a masterpiece when he was 9 or Michaelangelo finishing “The Torment of St. Anthony” in his teenage years. And we are currently not in lack of modern day creative geniuses, as well. Take Cleopatra Stratan for example. She is a singer who is known as the youngest ever to perform live for 2 hours before a wide crowd. There’s also Aelita Andre who was 2 when asked to show off her masterpieces through an exhibit in Australia. There are too many names on the list and the bottomline is we have an amazing roster of new generation artists today.

Call it pure talent and the high ground of knowing their passion early on in life.

Such is sure-enough for Bea Marquez. Browsing through one of my most frequented blog sites, I chanced upon her name and praiseworthy artfulness. Bea’s a freelance who’s adept at creativity. Undoubtedly, there’s so much to know about this young creative from Manila, Philippines.


Photo from: beamarquez.com

Photo from: beamarquez.com


Have you always been the artsy type? 

My love for print and layout began when I’d collect magazines since I was a little preteen. Styling and redecorating my room were a habit, as well. My mom used to be an interior designer and a florist, so growing up seeing her constantly create inspired me.

How would you describe yourself as a creative individual?

I like to jump from medium to medium. I started out in video production, but I also enjoy photography, interior styling, graphic and layout design. I believe in minimalism and I’m still learning a lot about it. Even with how I dress, I stick to the basics.


Photo from: beamarquez.com

Photo from: beamarquez.com


What do you specifically do as a freelance?

I’m into graphic design and branding, videography, color grading, styling and photography. At some point, I’ll need to focus on just one or two of these, but I enjoy getting to do all of these.

How and where do you gather inspiration for a certain project/work?

Pinterest is my go-to for everyday inspiration especially for styling and branding. I don’t go a day without scrolling through pins. It’s a place to find bloggers and photographers who do inspiring work, as well. Then, I head on over to Vimeo to watch short films for edits and grading pegs.

Tell something about your recent projects.

Most of my current clients say they found me on Instagram. I’m so thankful for this app. It has connected me to so many people in different places and in a way, it serves as a mini portfolio.


Photo from: beamarquez.com

Photo from: beamarquez.com


What’s the coolest (and wisest) freelance job advice you’ve ever received?

I’ve heard not just once that it’s important to “dress for work” even if I’m at home. It’s hard to get into the work zone if you’re still in your jammies, otherwise you end up going back to bed and doing a Game of Thrones marathon (somewhat guilty!). Another option is to take the work out to a café or a co-working space.


Photo from: beamarquez.com

Photo from: beamarquez.com


How do you improve your work quality?

Keep creating! It’s every artist’s mantra. The more you create, the more you learn your craft and know what you need to improve. I still struggle in creating something new everyday. I’m a work-in-progress. 

What are you most looking forward to in the coming years?

Seeing more countries and possible starting my own little creative studio!  

What advice/s can you give to those who plan to pursue a career in the creative community?

Find out what makes you different. Keep creating. Never stop learning and absorbing. Show your work. Meet other people. Collaborate and contribute to the creative community!

Get more inspirations from Bea through her website or find her in Instagram

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