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I have indelible memories of coming over to museums back in grade school during our field trips, in my Humanities class in college and in my recent Seoul sojourn. Those were the times when I got the glimpse of jaw-dropping masterpieces like the Spolarium (by Filipino national artist, Juan Luna). I became appreciative of some while other pieces were just too deep (or eccentric) to be understood by this finite mind of mine. But I can say that those visits paved the way for art to be brought to light in my life.


You see, art is not limited to drawings or paintings only. Through time, art (or the arts) has evolved in forms, style and definition. It is undeniable that certain individuals have helped shaped its different categories. Most are familiar with big names in visual arts like Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Pablo Picasso. Their creations are highly-merited and marketed up to now. On the other hand, present-day art enthusiasts hail the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Bansky.


This day, how can one contribute to the arts, make a name and sell? One site ( suggests to “stay on trend”. Do you want to know about some art directionves for 2013? Stay with me, read on and keep in mind these guidelines:


Modern meets Vintage

Here are some banner designs by an advertising company MOMA.
[nggallery id=3]


Minimalist is IN

Amazing minimalist super hero illustrations from DeviantArt members: drawsgood and jeffjanelle.
[nggallery id=4]


Hand drawing to Vector Art

See some of the works of a Filipino illustrator Alduane Maño –
[nggallery id=5]


Screaming Colors

Fashion photos by the exceptional photographer Elizaveta Porodina –
[nggallery id=6]


Contour, Shape, Corners

Edgy illustrations by Liam Brazier –
[nggallery id=7]


Waste no time! Start your artsy-trendy piece today!


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Maebelle del Rosario

Maebelle is fascinated with all things creative. She is into dance and travel. Science used to be her niche and soon after, colors and the play of words have captured the very depth of her being. New York (where FIT, Julliard and MoMA are) is her home-- this is one of her wildest dreams. 🙂
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