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American Guy Made His Own iPhone From Parts Bought In China

Is it really possible for someone to build his own iPhone? Well, a guy posted a video and claims to have made his own iPhone 6S from buying it parts by parts in China.

He must be an expert iPhone engineer then?  But no, he is not. Read on to know more.

According to Scotty Allen, a former software engineer in Silicon Valley, he is mere tech enthusiast who loves to tinker, create and hack. He loves to discover new things along with the adventure that goes with it. He even had his own startup company.

Now as a full-time traveler, he found Shenzhen China as his new obsession. Known as the ‘workshop and factory of the world’, Scotty got fascinated with so much obscurity and awesomeness its industrial markets and down back alleys has to offer.

From there and with people wondering if one could truly make use and build a phone from buying in the cellphone parts market in Huaqiangbei, he dive into the idea to see if it really works.

Here is the video to see the whole process.

American Guy Made His Own iPhone 6S

As seen on the video, one could assume that truly Shenzhen China is an electronic and tech paradise. Dozens upon dozens of spare parts are freely available on public markets.

Low-key it made me wonder, why are the tech giants letting this happen.

Anyhow, as mentioned on the video, most of these parts are from old and refurbished devices. Not to discriminate against but you know how business in China goes.

Whether Apple would take action about this or not; nonetheless, I am looking forward to Scotty Allen’s next geeky adventure.

Check him out and stay tuned to his latest pursuits:

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