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All About Michael Bierut and Graphic Design

Science has thanked heavens for the likes of Albert Einstein. Fashion is lucky to have Diane von Furstenberg. And graphic design, without a doubt, has beened with a trailblazer named Michael Bierut.

Michael Bierut

Michael Bierut

It’s a foregone conclusion that graphic design is an important factor in marketing and info dissemination. It’s everywhere- magazines, television, product packaging, print ads, websites and a lot more! Unquestionably, graphic design is part of life. Through it, anyone can impart a message, reveal an identity and intensify branding. Industries and markets are indebted to this visual communication process involving texts, images and colors. Who wouldn’t agree?


Graphic design is a serious business. And Mr. Bierut takes it in very well. These Saks Fifth Avenue shopping bags are just some of the various proofs of his fine mind.

michael-beirut-saks-fifth-avenue-1 michael-beirut-saks-fifth-avenue-2 michael-beirut-saks-fifth-avenue-3 michael-beirut-saks-fifth-avenue-4 michael-beirut-saks-fifth-avenue-5 michael-beirut-saks-fifth-avenue-6


One of the current owners and collaborators of Pentagram in New York, Michael Bierut is a first-rate designer from Cleveland, Ohio. At the start of his career, he knew that designers could influence and shape the world through their creative work. That significant insight was from his lauded mentor and deemed design legend, Massimo Vignelli.


For over 30 years, Bierut has come up with logos and other branding collaterals for the Fashion Institute of Technology, Museum of Arts and Design, Verizon, The New York Times, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Walt Disney Company, Toy Industry Association and Library of Congress. As a designer, he has also been commissioned to work on New York City’s parking signs and street marks. What an awesome way to make a lasting impact in a community!


Owing to the fact that Michael Bierut is not the usual graphic designer, he had been to unlikely places- scientists’ discussion in a university, sports team locker rooms, hospitals and election campaign meeting- to put together what was asked of him. He believes, anyway, that his job grants him permission to go anywhere he wants. That’s exactly part of what design really is: problem solving to create art for a purpose. Michael Bierut has a lot to impart to both wannabe and seasoned designers out there. The love for writing, reading and learning is just one of them. He accepts that those three skills can bring a lot of backing to anyone wanting to become a better designer. He also considers that constant interest in things is vital to make the grade in design. Take it from someone who is convinced that graphic design can “sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, make people cry, and (every once in a while) change the world!”

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