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11 Of The Best Animated Short Films For Your Inspiration


Up to this point, I can’t deny my amusement whenever I’m watching cartoons (well, not the Dora kind of stuff) or Japanese anime’s. These animated stuffs are great tools for refreshing my mind. They also serve as inspirations not only for doing something creative but also in life (believe me, they do have moral lessons :)).

Animated shorts are equally thrilling. It’s amazing to know how much enjoyment you can get from a limited time of viewing these flicks. Mind you, even these shorts require extensive effort and time. Here are some for your inspirations.

Inspiring Animated Short Films


Impossible Present

Let’s start with this short but sweet film.


Dubstep Dispute

See this dubstep robots as they settle matters and discuss their differences on the only way they know.



Enjoy this superhero themed short – watch as Electroshock tries to save the day and impress the girl of his dreams.


Shave it

A funny but full of thought animated short about a monkey who discovered a way to redemption. An Animated short film by 3dar Studios.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Enjoy the ride as these two knuckle heads chase and wear each other out.


Danger Planet

Here’s a romance, action and sci-fi movie geeks would enjoy.


Mytho Logique

A Greek Mythology themed short film by ESMA students.


Chicken or the Egg

“Chicken or the Egg” is a quirky romantic comedy about a pig that has an addiction to eating eggs. His world was stumbled when he fell in love to the prettiest chicken in town. Now he must choose between the love of his life or his addiction.


A Fox Tale

This film is slightly based on an Asian folklore. With a mix of kung-fu action and excellent animation, this short is definitely intense.



Due to its popularity, you have probably seen this animation already. Garnering over 20 awards from different film fests around the world, “Reach”, have reached triumph.


One More Beer!

This one’s for the tough guys! Watch it to know what I mean. 🙂


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