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10 Mindboggling GIFs That Will Bend Your Sense of Reality

In the absence of Flash and JQuery animations, GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) was once the image format widely used to display looping animations on the web.  And in today’s popularity of memes, it served as a great tool to show humor; but a graphic designer chose to differ and created compelling images in GIF format. His creations are not as straightforwardly funny as the memes but they are equally amusing.

Let your view of reality be challenged by these clever and hypnotizing GIF images.

Animated GIF Images by Zach Dougherty


Animated-Gifs-by-Zach-Dougherty-1 Animated-Gifs-by-Zach-Dougherty-2 Animated-Gifs-by-Zach-Dougherty-3 Animated-Gifs-by-Zach-Dougherty-4 Animated-Gifs-by-Zach-Dougherty-5 Animated-Gifs-by-Zach-Dougherty-7 tumblr_molk03hPow1r6j7rho1_r2_500 tumblr_mp1qfnV5q31r6j7rho1_r2_500


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